Food Waste Recycling System

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TSECO creates a Simple, Innovative, Green Technology as a complete environmental solution

What is Food Waste Recycling System?

Every year, the average person produces nearly 475 pounds of food waste. That adds up to more than 70 million tons, making it the third largest component by weight in our landfills. Throwing away food is a huge waste of the energy, water and packaging used in its production, transportation and storage. TSECO has developed a solution, a food waste reduction unit that reduces food waste by almost 90%, and at the same time, it can be recycled as a fertilizing agent through composting.

What We Expect

1. Promotion of the Food Waste Management Policy throughout the World

     - Reducing the Amount of Food Waste throughout the World.
     - Preserve Green Environment through Food Waste Recycling.
     - Systemize All Products to be Adequate for “Low Carbon, Green Growth” Strategy.
     - Save Costs/Budgets Spent by the Government in Dealing with Food Waste.

2. Prevention of 2nd(3rd) Contamination for Eco-Friendly Environment

     - Actualize Clear and Uncontaminated Living Places
     - Complete Decomposition of Food Waste without Contamination

3. Making the World a Greener Place

     - Prevent from Environmental Pollution by Using Natural Ingredients as a Catalyst.
     - Investment for Variety of Ways to Recycle Food Waste such as Fuels.